Our Family Values

Every family values certain things. At North Metro Church, it’s no different. What a family believes informs how a family behaves. Below are the values that we have incorporated into our family.

A Gospel Perspective is the lens of grace through which we view our past, present, and future. Everything in God’s Word either points to or flows out of the Gospel. We cling to the Gospel because it shows us how God loves us immeasurably more than we could ever possibly imagine. We couldn’t earn it. We didn’t deserve it. He gave it. We celebrate it! The Gospel defines us as Christ Followers. We were guilty yet Jesus paid our price. We were separated from God yet now we are adopted heirs. We were without hope yet now we are free! It is the best gift we could have ever received! The Gospel changes everything.

We become more like Jesus when we grow together. Spiritual growth and transformation happens most often within the context of authentic personal relationships. We were designed for community. We are to teach one another, carry each other’s burdens, confess our sins to, build up, and pray for one another. That is the picture of Growing Together.

We will invest in the Next Generation because they are the future of the Church. Churches die every day because they have ignored the generation to come. That will not be said about us. God’s story of love, grace, redemption, restoration, and glory must go on. They need us. If we don’t, then who will?

To set the table for someone means to serve them. Serving is a part of maturing in Christ. It is stewarding our spiritual gifts, passions, and skills within the opportunities He gives us to use them. We set the table so that others can have a seat at the table. One day we will sit at the banquet table with Christ and some will be there because we set the table for them. We set the table because eternity is at stake. Serving others honors God. Jesus modeled it. We do it!

We love our neighbors simply because they are loveable. They matter to God so they matter to us. God reaches people who need Him through people who know Him. Found people find people. We are Plan A, there is no Plan B.

We care about the nations because God calls us to reach every tongue, tribe, and nation with Gospel. God is not an American. The Gospel is for all who would believe. God sends people who know Him to reach those who need Him.