Walking Wisely

Event Details


Friday, January 19 – Sunday, January 21

 Woodlands Camp – 1242 Old Blue Creek Road, Cleveland, GA

Walking Wisely is back! This year our 8th-12th grade students will be at Woodlands Camp for an unbelievable weekend of worship, biblical teaching, small group time, and awesome community building activities. This year’s theme will be Voyage: Discover Your Journey.

The earlier you register, the lower price! Cost per student:

$175 | October 25 to November 8

$200 | November 9 to November 29

$225 | November 30 to January 7 

Registration for Walking Wisely is now closed.



  • What is the student/leader ratio?
    Although we do not know the exact ratios until after registration closes, ideally we like to have one leader for every eight students.
  • How will parents be contacted in case of an emergency?
    A staff member will call the number you provided us when you registered your student.
  • What if my student has a food allergy?
    Please share that with us on your student’s registration.
  • What if my student needs to be picked up early or arrive late?
    Please email us at kchance@northmetro.org so we can send you our Late Arrival/Early Release link
  • Will my student need any spending money?
    Yes and No. The cost of registration includes all food and the group activity. However, there is a cafe and visitor center your student may want to purchase something at. If so, they will need to bring additional spending money.
  • Where do students sleep?
    All students are assigned a cabin based upon their small group.
    No small group? No problem. We match students up with their grade/gender and plug them in immediately.
  • Who’s in charge of the weekend?
    The NMC Student Team led by Michael Lumpkin and Woodlands Camp residential staff.
  • What’s a typical day look like at Walking Wisely?
    Each day is different, but all days include intentional community building through small groups, worship and teaching sessions, and exciting outside activities.
  • Can students bring friends that do not attend NMC?
    Absolutely! In fact, we encourage that! We’d love for them to join us. Keep in mind, students are assigned to rooms divided by age and gender, so we cannot promise that all friends will be bunking together.
  • What time are students leaving and returning, and what should they bring? 
    Arrival and return times, along with packing lists will be emailed to parents and students after registration closes.