We believe that life-change happens best in meaningful personal relationships. So, if you want to grow in your relationship with Jesus, you need to have intentional relationships with people who have the same goal—and LifeGroup is the ideal place for that. In a LifeGroup, eight to twelve adults, in the same stage of life and area of town, meet regularly to pursue spiritual growth and healthy relationships.

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Frequently Asked Questions

LifeGroups are friends you grow and serve with. They’re the people you invite into your life, letting your guard down, growing closer to God, and investing in your community together. A LifeGroup typically consist of 10-15 adults that meet every other week throughout the school year.

In its simplest form, a LifeGroup is defined as a group of believers coming around one another to live life together. A small group is a subset of the church body that meets on Sunday. Small groups meet at NMC and in homes across the North Metro area. They typically meet in the evening during the week and weekends. This follows the pattern of the early church in Acts 2:46 – “Day after day, in the temple courts (weekend celebration) and from house to house (small group fellowships), they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Christ.” [NIV]

People connect in new small groups consisting of 8 to 12 people who provide love, support, friendship, connection and spiritual strength. The format is an informal and comfortable 1½-2 hour gathering at the home of a host.

Participants are comprised of people from our church who are invited to join in the adventure. Most groups are guided through the study series using the Bible, DVD programs and study guides and /or NMC Sermon Series (depending on availability).

It’s really easy to get connected here at NMC. We have two easy steps to help you find the best LifeGroup for you:

Attend Welcome Home 

If you are new to NMC or have been attending for a short time, we would love for you to attend Welcome Home to learn more about North Metro and how you can connect into the life of our church.

Attend Group Connect 

If you are an NMC family member, your next step is Group Connect. Offered several times a year, Group Connect is an opportunity for you to join a new LifeGroup with others in a similar life stage and area of town.

The request goes directly to the group leader. The group leader should follow up with you via email or a phone call within a few days. If for any reason you don’t hear back from the group leader within a week’s time, please email us at and we will help you get connected.

We have five different types of groups: LifeGroups, Singles LifeGroups, Men’s groups, Women’s groups and Starting Point Groups.

LifeGroups are ongoing long-term groups focused on living out our mission of helping people find and follow Jesus together.

Bible study groups are short-term groups typically meeting for 6-12 weeks and are focused on a particular topic or bible study.

Starting Point Groups are short-term groups that meet for 8 weeks and are seekers or new believers in the Christian faith.

While each group differs in how they approach the small group ministry the five core components (connection – worship – study – sharing – prayer) are the same, the groups have a social time in the beginning, share a meal then transition to a time where they discuss questions from the selected curriculum and pray for each other. At the very beginning of the group, the whole group decides how much time they will spend on social, discussion, and prayer time (as well as the order in which they take place).

Sometimes joining a group is like trying on shoes. You may have to try a couple of groups out to see which group is the best fit for you and your family. It is ok to visit multiple groups before deciding on which one to join.

Don’t worry: we won’t call on you to pray during a group meeting. You may always volunteer to pray but we won’t require you to pray out loud in front of other people.

No. People that attend groups are at all different levels of their spiritual journey. We don’t expect you to know everything about the Bible. It is always ok to ask a question related to the Bible in your group time if you don’t know the answer.

Our groups meet every other week and follow the NMC LifeGroup calendar. However, we encourage our groups to “do life together” because it’s hard to build relationships only seeing each other a couple times a month. Groups choose to meet when and where they want: in homes, at the church, weekdays or weekends.

Some groups offer childcare, while others do not. You can request to be part of a group that offers childcare or that participates in the NMC Childcare program. Each group determines how it will handle their own childcare needs (either find their own childcare or participate in the NMC Childcare Program).

Our LifeGroups groups meet every other week. However, there are groups that meet weekly. It is up to each group to determine the frequency of group meetings (Weekly or Bi-weekly).

Each small group picks the length of time they will meet. However, most groups meet for an hour and a half to two hours.

We have LifeGroup approved curriculum to guide group members through the vision and values of NMC.

If you currently have a small group please check out Start A Group or contact Bud Darr to get set up as a NMC small group.

Steps to LifeGroup Leadership at NMC – Certification Process

  1. Consider your calling:
    • What is this ministry?
    • What would be my role?
    • Is God calling me to serve?
  2. Contact the GroupLife Pastor, Bud Darr
  3. Submit a Leadership Application