Elementary Baptism Class

We are thrilled that your child has a desire for baptism! In order to help make this step of obedience as meaningful as possible for you and your child, we've prepared the following six steps to help you walk through the process and answer any questions you may have along the way.

        1. Register: Sign up for an upcoming Elementary Baptism Class.

2. Attend: The Elementary Baptism Class is a 45-minute presentation that is designed for your child and at least one parent. This class will help guide your family discussions on whether or not this is the right time for your child.

3. Complete: Finish the homework from class, and use it as a tool to lead family discussions.

4. Meet: If your child is ready to be baptized, you will both meet with a staff member. They will talk through their salvation decision and share why they want to be baptized.

5. Schedule: This is the next step in working with the staff to set up a baptism date.

6. Baptize: This is the big day! Invite family, friends, and small group leaders to celebrate this amazing event!