Presenting the Gospel to Kids

We’ve laid out three steps to walk alongside your child in as they develop in their faith and begin to build a relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ. The first step is presenting the Gospel, the second is facilitating discussion around the Gospel, and the third step happens when a child is ready to confess and accept Jesus as their own personal Savior.



Presenting the Gospel to Kids

Presenting the Gospel to children is a huge moment for both the parent and child. We want you to feel equipped in doing so! This document outlines God’s Plan for a child that can be understood from late preschool through Elementary students. Also, check out this video our Children’s Pastor, Rebecca Ross, has to walk you through presenting this document to children.



Facilitating Discussion about the Bible

The Gospel Project has this awesome video resource for your child to watch that can help in understanding the Gospel that you’ve presented to them. Be ready for questions!


Confession and Celebration

When your child has accepted Christ we want to celebrate with you! Share your story with us, and we’ll provide some next steps and resources to continue building your child’s faith.

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